this site is a huge wip, just the basics are here for now

welcome to my site!

4/10/24 update: soft site relaunch, still barebones but this is a start! working on the gallery next. Only Home, About + Shop Buttons Work atm!


Mood: Tired
Last song you listened to: Just Pretend - Bad Omens
Last beverage: Water
Playing: FF7(Rebirth), DMC 1, Parasite Eve, Stardew Valley with some Friends!
Random: I'm new to but already really love compilation of FF7. Cloud & Tifa became immediate favorites of mine and I still cannot get over how well their characters reflect each other internally. Read Traces of Two Pasts!!

If you are mutuals with me on twitter you are free to dm me for my priv acc! I yap about my interests, post wips and just talk more in general than I do on main

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